with professional production approach
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  • We have adopted an approach that has set out in the name of true stability, acts with the belief that individual successes turn into corporate success, believes in the use of information and technology at a global level, puts hygiene and human health first, and grows with all our suppliers and customers.

    With our brand, which sets its projection from the perspective of continuous improvement, unchanging quality approach and unconditional customer satisfaction, we have always aimed for the better since the moment we were founded.

    As a result of this quality approach we have put forward, we have turned our years of experience into aesthetic and quality products in order to offer you better with our professional staff of approximately 30 people.

    Our company, which examines all the details in the products we produce and questions the product quality with OTM guarantee before bringing them together with you, sees quality as a beginning, not a result of production, and directs all production stages within the framework of this understanding.


    As OTM, we design for your safety and produce for you and
    High Quality High quality products to suit your needs
    Aesthetic Design Ergonomic and experience-based design approach
    Satisfaction Oriented We always work for the best with our professional staff.
    Economic We have adopted the principle of offering the quality in the most economical way.